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Medically Reviewed by Lisa A. Turner, DDS, MSD

Gum health is a key component of oral hygiene. After all, gums keep the teeth in place and protect the jaw bone. But gum recession is a common health issue affecting around 4 to 12% of adults. One procedure used to treat this dental ailment is soft tissue grafting. While the name might sound intimidating, this procedure is fairly routine and can improve your smile and overall gum health.

Dr. Lisa Turner at Venice Periodontics and Implant Dentistry offers soft tissue grafting as just one treatment option for gum disease and periodontitis. 

What Is It?

Soft tissue grafting is a procedure that includes taking soft tissue from elsewhere in the mouth and applying/securing it to areas where gum recession has occurred. Although there are a few different varieties of this procedure, the process usually begins with a periodontist administering some local anesthetic to the grafting site. Afterwards, the gums are loosened in order to make room for the new protective tissue. Donor tissue, usually taken from the roof of the mouth, is then placed under the gum and given a protective covering for the healing process. Eventually, the tissues will fuse, acting as a new protective layer for your teeth and bone.

What Does It Treat?

Soft tissue grafting is used to treat and/or prevent gum recession. This ailment occurs due to a variety of factors such as Periodontal disease, aging, and over-brushing. The procedure stops the gums from receding and has a multitude of benefits. It can stop further decay and bone loss, reduce tooth sensitivity, create a more aesthetically pleasing smile, and, most importantly, improve overall gum health.

Using a Periodontist

A periodontist is a dental professional who specializes in treating and preventing gum disease. This is the most qualified type of dental specialist to consult for soft tissue grafting since their expertise lies in performing these kinds of procedures. If you suspect any gum recession or merely want to adjust a smile, you should contact Venice Periodontics and Implant Dentistry to schedule an exam and consultation.