Procedure Full Arch Dental Implants

Tooth loss can occur for various reasons, whether it’s the result of a traumatic accident, untreated disease, or dental neglect. When you lose multiple teeth, it can significantly affect both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. At Venice Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we take pride in offering various solutions for full mouth restoration. Our commitment to providing trusted full-arch dental implants has made us a respected choice in the Venice, FL community.

How Are Full-Arch Dental Implants Different from Dentures?

Historically, patients missing numerous teeth have had one primary option available: traditional dentures. While dentures have their benefits, they can sometimes become unstable and insecure, making it difficult to bite, chew, or smile with confidence. Additionally, dentures do not replace the underlying tooth root, which may lead to long-term atrophy of the jawbone.

Full-arch dental implants provide a natural-looking and long-lasting result, allowing you to enjoy total confidence in your ability to eat like normal. And, because implants do replace your tooth roots, this treatment can help you to avoid the loss of bone tissue, or any unwanted changes to your facial appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Full-Arch Dental Implants?

Some of the primary reasons to seek full-arch dental implants include:

  • Replace any number of missing teeth, including entire dental arches.
  • Preserve the health of your jawbone and any remaining, healthy teeth.
  • Get full dental restoration with as few as four total implants.
  • Enjoy a seamless smile with natural-looking and long-term results.

Ideal Candidates for Full-Arch Restoration

At your initial appointment, our dental implant specialist, Dr. Turner, will perform a full evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jawbone, verifying your eligibility for full-arch restoration. The best candidates for full-arch treatment are missing multiple teeth and are in good health overall.

Missing Teeth

Full-arch dental implants are primarily intended for patients who are missing multiple teeth, in some cases entire rows of teeth. We can provide full dental restoration with as few as four total implants, minimizing the complexity of your surgery.

Good Health

During your initial appointment, your doctor will ask some questions about your personal medical history, ensuring that you do not have any underlying health concerns that would place you in a high-risk group when you have surgery.

What Is Involved in the Full-Arch Dental Implants Process?

The entire procedure is performed with anesthesia, ensuring your comfort and safety from start to finish. Depending on your treatment needs, we may need to remove any unhealthy or non-viable teeth, and perform a bone graft to regenerate tissue. We will implement a small number of implants, strategically placed to support a full dental prosthesis. Your replacement teeth will be secured to your implants, and then you will be discharged to head home for rest and recovery.

Recovery and Aftercare

Most patients who have dental implants placed need one or two days to rest and heal at home. After the first couple of days, you will likely feel ready to resume your normal daily activities. While some tenderness and discomfort can be expected early in your recovery process, these symptoms are easy to manage with over-the-counter medications. Additionally, we recommend sticking to a soft foods diet during the first few days of your recovery, gradually shifting back to your normal diet as you feel able. 

Excellence in Full-Arch Dental Implants in Venice, FL

Don’t let tooth loss affect your smile, your confidence, and your day-to-day quality of life. Full restoration is possible via dental implant placement. Take the first step toward rehabilitation by scheduling an appointment with Venice Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. Contact our Venice, FL practice at (941) 497-5591.