Procedure Soft Tissue Graft

When left untreated, gum disease or infection can cause soft tissue erosion. This results in the gums receding, leaving more and more of your teeth exposed. The loss of gum tissue can cause aesthetic concerns (including a “toothy” smile) as well as root sensitivity. Ultimately, the loss of gum tissue also increases your risk of tooth decay, severe periodontal disease, and more. A highly recommended solution is soft tissue regeneration, a service provided by Venice Periodontics & Implant Dentistry for patients in the Venice, FL community.

What Are Soft Tissue Grafts Used For?

Soft tissue grafts can restore gum tissue to its proper place on your teeth and are recommended if you have experienced aesthetic or functional problems as a result of diminished gum tissue. 

The benefits of this procedure include:

  • Reinforcement and stabilization of your teeth.
  • Prevention against worsening or future gum recession.
  • Improved smile aesthetics.
  • Greater resilience against periodontal disease and against tooth sensitivity.

Types of Soft Tissue Grafts

Depending on your treatment needs, our practice may offer a number of soft tissue grafting options. The three primary options include:

  • Harvesting soft tissue from elsewhere in your mouth. This approach eliminates the risk of your graft being rejected, or having any other adverse effect on the body.
  • Soft tissues are taken from a donor bank. While there is a small risk that donor tissue can be rejected, the procedure and recovery are smoother and less complicated.
  • Artificial substances that mimic the characteristics of natural gum tissue. This is typically the best option for the most comfortable possible procedure and recovery.

During your initial appointment, we can go over these treatment options in greater detail.

What Can I Expect from Gum Grafting Treatment?

Your treatment journey will always begin with an initial evaluation, providing Dr. Turner with a chance to review your medical history and to ensure you qualify for a smooth, successful surgery.

The grafting procedure itself usually takes between one-and-a-half and two hours. You will be under anesthesia the entire time, safe and comfortable. Once you are fully asleep, we will use the agreed-upon type of gum graft to rebuild a healthy gum line, covering your teeth properly and protecting them against further damage or disease.

Recovery and Aftercare

Following your procedure, you will be discharged to head home for rest and recovery. We will provide complete written instructions, guiding you in the necessary aftercare steps.

Most patients require three to five days of rest and healing at home before they resume their normal day-to-day activities. During this recovery time, you can anticipate moderate discomfort and swelling. These symptoms can be managed through a combination of different remedies, including narcotic and steroid interventions. We also provide homeopathic mouthwashes that can prove effective in promoting your comfort.

During your recovery, you will also need to avoid foods that are overly crunchy, sticky, spicy, or hot. Fuller dietary guidelines are included in your aftercare instructions. You will be able to gradually shift back to a normal diet as your mouth heals.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Lisa Turner

Soft tissue grafting can provide aesthetic enhancement, increased comfort, and overall improved oral health. To learn more about gum grafts in Venice, FL, schedule an appointment with us today. Contact Venice Periodontics & Implant Dentistry at (941) 497-5591.