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Medically Reviewed by Lisa A. Turner, DDS, MSD

Gingivoplasty is a dental procedure performed by a dental professional that involves reshaping your gums. This can involve trimming the gums back, or otherwise surgically changing their shape. Recovery from the procedure involves wearing a periodontal dressing for 7-10 days after your procedure. During this time you should be careful what you eat and keep your mouth as clean as possible.  People have many reasons for having the procedure performed, but the most common are:

To Create More Attractive Gums 

A very common reason why a gingivoplasty may be performed is to help create more attractive gums. If someone feels that their gums cover too much of their teeth or create what is known as a “gummy smile“, then this procedure can help a great deal. Dr. Turner can carefully cut back the gums, exposing more of your teeth when smiling. Also, if the actual mass of the gum is thick, due to hyperplasia or genetic issues, this procedure may also be used to cut off some of this extra gum mass. 

This can go a long way in improving the confidence of an individual. Someone who may not have smiled in the past, probably won’t stop smiling. 

To Help Shape Gums That Have Been Grafted 

Part of the healing process of periodontal disease often involves the use of gum grafts. These gums grafts help to rebuild gums that have been damaged during the course of the disease. These gum grafts not only create healthy new gums but also help to protect the roots of your teeth and the bones above them. However, the grafts may not grow in perfectly and may create somewhat misshapen or otherwise odd-looking gum tissue. 

Once the gum graft has completely taken to the damaged gums and has effectively grown new gum tissue, this is when gingivoplasty can be performed. Dr. Turner will carefully shape the new gum grafts. It is essentially the final step in the gum grafting process because it shapes your now healthy gums to function properly and look aesthetically appealing. 

In Conjunction With Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy is generally performed when gums have experienced damage due to periodontal disease. It works to help remove the pockets from your gums where plaque and tartar can easily gather. Removing these pockets allows the gums to heal more effectively because infection won’t occur in these pockets, delaying healing. 

However, the removal of the pockets may leave your gums looking somewhat misshapen and unsightly. Your gum line may be jagged or crooked and it may not look very natural from tooth to tooth. This is where gingivoplasty can help.

Your doctor will work to reshape your gums and cut them to look more natural. A scalpel or laser will even out the gum lines with a high level of precision. Because gingivectomy is very beneficial for healing and gingivoplasty is a great way to improve the aesthetic look of your gums, they are often used in conjunction with one another. 

Gingivoplasty is an effective procedure that can be performed by Dr. Turner to make your gums look more aesthetically appealing and increase your confidence, to help shape gums that have been grafted on after periodontal disease, and to work in conjunction with gingivectomy to shape gums after the infected pockets have been removed. 

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