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Medically Reviewed by Lisa A. Turner, DDS, MSD

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that reduces the amount of gum tissue, and shaves down some bone in places where it is necessary to show more tooth above the gum’s surface. Once enough of the tooth is showing, a crown will be put into place to protect the underlying tooth.

Why Get a Crown Lengthening?

The gum tissue reduction and shaving down of the bone, combined with fitting a crown to the tooth, can provide a variety of benefits for the patient, including the following:

  • Save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.
  • To help improve your smile.
  • Reduce your risk of future tooth decay.
  • To help support a surrounding filling or crown.
  • To enable another tooth to be extracted.

Getting a crown lengthening can help with both cosmetic and oral health concerns. Not only can crown lengthening improve your oral health, but it can also help give your self-esteem a boost as well. 

How Can a Periodontist Use the Procedure to Your Advantage?

A periodontist can use a crown lengthening procedure to help fix a variety of issues that a patient might experience, including:

  • To help remove excess gum tissue.
  • Remove infected gum tissues to avoid periodontal disease.
  • Create a wider, more symmetric smile.
  • Helps show more of the tooth if teeth are too short.
  • Helps fix broken or fractured teeth.
  • Helps fix tooth decay that occurs below the gum line. 

Solving these issues that many people experience along with periodontal disease is key to helping patients have a healthy smile and good oral hygiene.

Why Is Cosmetic Periodontal Treatment a Good Choice for a Patient?

Removing excess gum tissue can help with a variety of cosmetic issues. Fixing a person’s smile can help boost their confidence and allows them to feel a sense of pride and dignity that they otherwise might have felt was missing from their lives. 

Feeling confident and positive about yourself, including your appearance, helps you live a much fuller life. Everyone deserves the gift of confidence in themselves and pride in their appearance. Crown lengthening can provide a patient with the improvements they need to their smile to feel that much better about themselves. 

At Venice Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, Dr. Lisa Turner offers crown lengthening as a cosmetic procedure option for her patients. If you’re interested in cosmetic periodontal procedures, contact us to schedule an exam and consultation in Venice Fl. We would love to make you smile!